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California Arbitration Decision – Credit Card Agreement

“I don’t have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem.” -Ashleigh Brilliant Why It’s Important to Read and Understand Your Credit Card Agreement How would you react if, six years after you entered into a credit card agreement, the credit card company took the position that, based upon its one-sided purported amendment, you (the […]

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Conflict Resolution Blog

New Blog Posts Be sure to check out our new and improved Conflict Resolution Blog! New posts come out every Monday at 10 AM EST. The posts cover a range of topic including (but not limited to): alternative dispute resolution, class action arbitrations, general conflict resolution, effective communication, mediation information and tips, settlement negotiations, and […]

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Arbitration Information & FAQs

What is Arbitration? An arbitration is essentially the same as a trial with some exceptions. During an arbitration, the arbiter (essentially, the “judge”) reviews the information and evidence provided, listens to both sides of the argument, and then comes to a decision on the matter. It can be used in either the public or the […]

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