Dispute Management Information & FAQs

Dispute Management Information & FAQs

What is Dispute Management?

Dispute management and conflict resolution is premised upon an assertive, empathetic, and realistic construct. A competent mediator helps the parties actually embrace their conflict by using innovative, proven techniques for resolution. The competent mediator is trained to enable the parties to essentially build a bridge through the conflict, forging a way through to an acceptable and palatable result.

“Conflict occurs when two opposing parties have interests or goals that appear to be incompatible.” — Richard Hughes

What Should I Consider in Dispute Management?

When trying to settle a conflict or dispute, you must not only be aware an empathetic to the concerns of both parties but also your own potential biases, emotions, and thoughts. You cannot assist others with their conflict if you do not practice what you preach! In order to be a competent mediator, you must consider all of the following factors as it comes to dispute management. Here are some of our helpful and informative pages on dispute management and conflict resolution: