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Testimonials: Conflict Resolution – Linda Fritz

You are calm, cool, and can finesse any situation.

Fritzie, you have commanded the respect of your peers. As past President of The California Apartment Association, you know the entire industry listens to you as if it was the last word they ever hear. One could “hear a pin drop” when you speak. You are humorous, (mostly at my expense), and you’re very creative. You’re one of those who think “outside of the box” and, correspondingly, have a very deep mind. [You must have inherited it from your father]. You despise chauvinistic men, and you don’t hesitate to let them know it, yet in a manner that is non-threatening.

Frankly, it, (their chauvinism) brings out the best out in you. You are calm, cool, and can finesse any situation. You can resolve any problem and bring the most arrogant of people to their knees. You work hard and are driven. You far exceed your goals because you are a natural over-achiever.

You are compulsive, driven to whatever you endeavor to do in life. You are happy with yourself, yet you love to compete in the ring. I’d hate to be in a fight with you. I know I would lose.

John Kehriotis, Owner, Sacramento Kings NBA Team

Your ability to build trust… was quite extraordinary.

Thank you for your guidance and assistance with our legislative efforts. We could never have successfully negotiated thru the legal and political maze without your leadership. Your ability to build trust amongst such a diverse group of stakeholders, who are normally in an adversarial relationship, was quite extraordinary.

Not only were you capable of guiding us to consensus, but you encouraged us to think, ok, you kind of forced us to think and understand the views of others… a wonderful skill that is truly needed in today’s turbulent business climate. We all thank you.

Tom Bannon, Executive Vice President, California Apartment Association

Henry Kissinger has nothing on you. 

I am amazed you settled our case for my client. I know he can be rude, rough, loud, hot-tempered and uncaring so I was ready for a quick mediation. I am utterly surprised of how well  you took control of the mediation, focused on the issues, not the emotions, and guided us to an agreement.  Henry Kissinger has nothing on you as far as your superior negotiation skills.

Clint O’Connell, Esq.


Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for your efforts. I was very impressed by your mediation skills and you as a person. Remember Billy Crystal’s spoof “you look marvelous”?. Well we think you are Marvelous.

mar·vel·ous also mar·vel·lous ( mär”v…-l…s) adj. 1. Causing wonder or astonishment. 2. Miraculous; supernatural. 3. Of the highest or best kind or quality; first-rate:

Thank you again for your outstanding work.

Dean M.LeBrecht,  Sempra Energy

A good agreement is when both sides don’t like it. 

I am stunned that we came to an agreement. Feuding family members fighting over a business is always  impossible. I remember near the end of the mediation when you said, “A good agreement is when both sides don’t like it,” that my client nodded his head and said that although he didn’t like it, he could live with it.  I will recommend you to my colleagues in my firm.

Felice Thomas, Esq.

Competent, professional, with great presence. 

What a great job you did this past week! Competent, professional, with great presence and all the facts at your fingertips. You displayed energy, knowledge and skill at all times. I do believe you are totally unflappable! In the midst of the ‘battle’ you are poised and showed unwavering support for me, for which I will always be grateful.

Arlene Vogel, Real Estate Owner

Consummate professionalism

Thank you for your assistance and consummate professionalism. Case certainly should have settled given what my client  was prepared to pay, but sometimes cases just have to be tried to be resolved. Look forward to working with you again.

Rick Storms, Esq., Gray Cary Ware & Friedenrich

I always enjoy watching you… handle difficult people.

Thanks for your assistance today. I always enjoy (and learn from) watching you handle difficult and sensitive issues/people. We value your opinion and your time.

Lynn Beekman, Esq.,  Robbins & Keehn

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