Conflict Resolution specializes in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, including: mediationsarbitrations, conflict strategies, dispute management, negotiation techniques,ADR consulting and neutral fact finding.

Conflict Resolution specializes in high-end conflicts, typically with at least $1M or greater in dispute.

Additionally, the following ADR services are available: conflict resolution speaking, conflict management seminarsADR panel participation and court appointed engagements.

“The man who says he is willing to meet you halfway is usually
a poor judge of distance.” 
Laurence J. Peter

Linda C. Fritz is a lawyer and the principal of Conflict Resolution, a nationwide network of neutrals for  mediations, arbitrations, conflict strategies, dispute management, negotiation techniques, ADR consulting and neutral fact finding.

In the role of sole or panelist arbitrator, she has conducted more than 600 arbitration cases in the areas of business, real estate, construction, personal injury, franchise, health care, and other areas of law. Additionally, Ms. Fritz has mediated in excess of 1,000 real estate, business, mass tort claims and other disputes involving complex issues and multi-party proceedings.

Please contact  us for information on alternative dispute resolution. We are San Diego-based and perform physical mediations, arbitrations, dispute management, training, conflict resolution and consulting throughout the United States through our network of trained specialists. Telephonic mediations and arbitrations are available throughout the world.  Additionally, dispute management, training, conflict resolution and consulting are available worldwide. Thank you.

An attorney for 18 years, and additionally, a mediator and arbitrator for the last 13 of those 18 years, Ms. Fritz begs your indulgence in terms of clarifying a fundamental misunderstanding in connection with an oft-quoted, little understood phrase.  You’ll recognize it immediately, here it is…

The truth about “Let’s kill all the lawyers”!

“Service to others is a worthy goal for an aspiring professional and the best response all lawyers can make to our critics.  We might also urge the bashers to read their Shakespeare more carefully.

The words, ‘Let’s kill all the lawyers,’ were not spoken by a disgruntled litigant (or even by Henry VI’s press secretary). They were uttered by the conspirators in Cade’s Rebellion, whoplanned to overthrow the English government, destroy the ancient rights of English men and women, [as such “rights” were available to women at that time], and establish a virtual dictatorship.

Through the rebels’ threat, Shakespeare reminds the groundlings that lawyers, as protectors of that system of ordered liberty, are as much an obstacle to a rebellion that would curtail liberty as any garrisoned castle.  Thus, Cade’s path to oppression leads inevitably over their bodies…”. — John J. Curtin, Jr., Esq., President, American Bar Association, published in the ABA Journal, September, 1990.

I do not own (nor do I pretend to own) a corner in the market for truth.  Nonetheless, what follows is the truth according to Fritz.

Now — the truth about Conflict Resolution and Dispute Management… read on…

The purpose of our company is to assist you in your quest to understand the nature of conflict and to assist your organization in resolving conflict related issues. We provide arbitration and mediation services around the nation.

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