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Conflict Resolution Strategies

Authentic listening occurs when you respond to the speaker in ways which indicate to him that you care about what he's saying and give him every opportunity to complete his train of thought.

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Resource Books

Have questions about arbitration, mediation, conflict resolution, dispute management, and more? Check out our extensive list of resource books that can help you reach a settlement or resolution to your negotiations.

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Neutral Fact Finding

Where a dispute involves an issue requiring expertise, and that issue is a stumbling block to settlement, the parties may agree on a neutral third-party to decide that issue. Neutral fact finding is one way to try to settle a dispute by an objective third-party.

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Welcome to Conflict Resolution!

Conflict Resolution specializes in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, including:

“The man who says he is willing to meet you halfway is usually a poor judge of distance.” –Laurence J. Peter

What is Conflict Resolution?

The term “conflict resolution” means, quite simply, a series of methodologies and strategies to help people, corporations, or entities resolve conflicts between one another. Conflicts can range from disputing an insurance payout on a fender-bender to disputing what sort of victim restitution is amenable to an assault victim and/or their family.

Conflict Resolution also can range to more domestic purposes such as divorce settlement payouts negotiations, who gets to keep a family pet when the family is splitting up, what custody arrangements are fair, how to resolve missed rent payments, etc.

Whatever your conflict resolution needs are — from highly contested corporation negotiations to two children arguing over a toy — Conflict Resolution gives you the tools and information you need to resolve any conflict.

Who Runs Conflict Resolution?

Conflict Resolution was started by Ms. Linda C. Fritz in 1997. Fritz was an attorney for over three decades as well as arbitrator and mediator for 20 of those years.

In the role of sole or panelist arbitrator, Fritz has presided over many hundreds of cases in the areas of business, real estate, construction, personal injury, franchise, health care, and other areas of law. Additionally, Fritz has mediated many hundreds of additional cases, including real estate, business, mass tort claims, and other disputes involving complex issues and multi-party proceedings.

For 15 years, Fritz was an adjunct professor at the California Western School of Law in San Diego. She taught negotiation, mediation, and arbitration (ADR) to law school students.

Fritz’s extensive knowledge and experience is contained within Conflict Resolution to help you learn how to resolve your own conflicts and reach agreeable outcomes. Want to learn more? Check out our About Us page.