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The best way I know of to win an argument is to start by being in the right.
Lord Quintin Hogg Hailsham

What is Arbitration? An arbitration is essentially the same as a trial through the courts, but with several exceptions, noted here:  1)  The arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators) make(s) the decision, also called an “arbitration award”; 2)  There is generally no court reporter and the arbitration does not take place in a courtroom; 3) Absent some very narrow and strict exceptions, the arbitration award is binding…there is no right to appeal; 4) Since the arbitration is not a matter of public record, the parties’ dispute is private; 5) Discovery, or the process by which attorneys generally prepare their clients’ cases, is extremely limited; 6) The rules of evidence are relaxed somewhat so that the parties have a broader, more expanded opportunity to tell their stories; 7) With very few exceptions, it is much less expensive than litigation and trial; 8) An arbitration’s time frame is substantially less than that of litigation and trial.

Linda Fritz, Esq., Principal of Conflict Resolution,  in the role of sole or panelist arbitrator, has conducted more than 600 arbitration cases involving business, real estate, construction, franchise, health care and insurance disputes. Additionally, Fritz has mediated in excess of 1,600 real estate, business, fraud, mass tort claims and other disputes involving complex issues and multi-party proceedings.

The Conflict Resolution network conducts hundreds of mediations, arbitrations, conflict strategies, dispute management settlements and neutral fact finding engagements each year.

The purpose of our company is to assist you in your quest to understand the nature of conflict. To schedule an arbitration please contact us.

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